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Our country has become one of the actors who can read the global world economy very well. Rapidly developing technological production movements in world geography, It has started to be effective in our country and as it is understood from the industrial production data, it has opened the business world to international arena in almost all areas. Within this dynamism, the developments in the elevator and escalator sector and the domestic brands created have now been integrated into global technology. The difference between the international firms in our country and the domestic companies has been disappeared. As in the world brands, knowledge, experience and economic combinations in our country have accelerated and started to launch strong structures. ACADEMIC is the first company in the sector to increase the confidence of customer demand and to create a strong capital of the sector. Since 1986, ACADEMIC has acquired the infrastructure, technical and experience infrastructure of ACADEMIC brand, which has always been the first in the sector to represent the sector in the best way. ACADEMIC, which provides a high quality service in this field, which we know very well in this field, will represent our country in the best way in the global competition with its technical and managerial trained infrastructure. ACADEMIC, which will create a perfect change model, undertakes to serve the business world without any compromise on quality and high technology by keeping the integrity of the business planning and architecture of the building sector. 5183 projects have been realized to this day with Academic brand.

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