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Our company supplies the sale of engines and supporting service for one of the world leaders in heating, conditioning and air-conditioner area – McQuay’s Fancoil, Chiller Refrigerating Group, Air Conditioning Plants, Roof Top, Water Source Heat Pump.

All the accidents with engines and equipments, appeared in the period of agreement in the companies with  supporting services contracts, are overcame 7 days a week 24 hours a day without requesting any extra charge.

With the companies, who has no supporting services contracts, repair procedures and services could be done if additionally requested. 

We apply seasonal supporting agreements for some touristic and seasonal working food facilities. This application includes carring out the maintenance of the agreed engines and equipments by our experienced in this field and totally equipped staff.

To supply the work of our clients’ engines and equipments regular, profitable and economical we form annual supporting contracts. Refer to this agreement, the protective care, appropriate to the characteristics of the engines is done all year long. Our expieriences showed that the maintenance, done by the experts and equipped staff, prolong the economical life of the engines, and rise the efficient level to the maximum. 

Mechanical Revision of Compressors of Central System of Refrigerating Groups and Coil Wire Supporting Services
The negation of energy problems and working conditions, existed in our country, may damage our valuable equipments. Our teams of compressor’s revision provide the professional maintenance and revision of any kind and type of refrigerating compressors (reciprocating, screwed and centrifuge)